Oblivion, The Plight of Filipino Children (2004)


Oblivion is a personal look at the lives of children living on the fringes of society. This was also the first story I documented. I turned it into a book that was submitted as a final year project in school.

In the book, the first half looks at their environment: the homes where slum mentality begins, the streets where they are forced to work and the schools which are in charge of their education. By compiling case studies, it gives an overview of the daunting challenges they face.

The second half focuses on the story of one lady, Ate Gemma. Her plight mirrors the cycle of poverty that many Filipino families face. Her children’s future are uncertain as they live day by day. Yet, Ate Gemma also represents incredible strength, as she is the rock that holds the family together. Her hope lies in the promise that her children will complete their education, and finally break the cycle of poverty.